Why is cedar roofing considered to be eco-friendly?

People today are very conscious about the environment and will often go out of their way to invest in green products and solutions. Some install artificial lawns to save water, use energy efficient appliances and technology to save energy, utilize eco-friendly cleaning products, etc. It’s not really surprising that most customers are very concerned about the environmental impact of cedar roofs. At Emerald Cedar Contracting, we’ve done our research and believe that cedar roofs are eco-friendly because of the following points:

Responsible Sources - Many people assume that just because trees need to be cut down to make cedar shakes, such roofs are not considered to be eco-friendly. Unfortunately, this is a shortsighted way to look at the situation. If the trees are responsibly sourced from managed forests, the environmental impact is quite low. These managed forests operate on a strict schedule of replanting and cutting and this ensures the woods thrive regardless of the planned logging.

Low Environmental Impact During Manufacture - Asphalt shingles are very popular and are often considered to be eco-friendly in some way as well. However, the manufacturing process generates considerable amount of carbon dioxide and other such harmful gases that are introduced to the environment. This has a negative impact on the environment.

Even the recycling process isn’t entirely eco-friendly, which is why cedar shakes are better for the environment than asphalt shingles. Very little fossil fuels are used in the manufacture of cedar shakes while asphalt requires oil and other such ingredients.

Biodegradable - Cedar is wood so it’s biodegradable. In fact, the wood actually degrades into fertilizer and nutrition for the soil. Chipped cedar shakes can be used as mulch in gardens and lawns as well. No other roofing material is as biodegradable; because cedar comes from nature and gives back to nature. Materials like asphalt don’t degrade and take up space in landfills, which is very harmful for the environment. Moreover, run-off from asphalt can release harmful chemicals into the soil.

Insulation - Cedar shakes have natural insulation properties that will control the temperature of your home, keeping the heat and cold out during summer and winter. This will reduce energy consumption, which won’t just help you save money on bills, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Long Lifespan - Cedar is a very resilient wood, and if you take care of the roof, it can easily last for generations. You won’t have to replace the roof during your lifetime unless something damages it. The same cannot be said for asphalt shingles, which have a limited lifespan and will eventually have to be recycled or replaced. The manufacturing process for a replacement roof wouldn’t just introduce harmful pollutants into the environment, but also may cause an increase in waste.

As you can see, cedar roofs are very eco-friendly and are a great investment as well. If you want to know more about cedar roofs, don’t hesitate to contact us at Emerald Cedar Contracting. You can fill in this contact us form and request a call back from us.