Cedar Roof Installation


It's a wise choice! Cedar is well known for its long lasting, durable qualities; its unique and beautiful appearance and its 100% organic composition. Cedar has been used for centuries as a roofing and siding material all over the world (especially in Canada and U.S.) and is considered by many a product of choice for roofing and siding needs.

Some of the Key Benefits of a Cedar Roof:


Thermal Cedar Roof protects the house from hot summer sun that can overheat the attic. In the winter, Cedar keeps the warm from escaping your home to the outside. With a Cedar Roof, you can remain comfortable and secure with the temperature of your home in any season, without any worry of poorly distributed airflow.

Strength and Stability

Cedar Roofs have a natural durability. The resiliency of Cedar wood fibers easily handle extreme weather conditions including hail, snow storms, and heavy winds of up to 130 miles per hour. Cedar Shingles, also referred to as Cedar Shakes, have a very low density and maintain their long life in addition to their light weight. While other roofs may wear and tear over the years after being abused by the elements, Cedar Roofs preserve their structure and remain well intact. Generally, Cedar Roofs can last for up to 50 years.

Natural Resistance

Cedar is highly resistant to rain and contains natural oils that prohibit rot and mold growth. Cedar Roofs also allow for much more airflow around the shingles which enhance prevention of roof decay and insect infestations. With a Cedar Roof over your head, you can rest easy knowing both inside and outside your home is well protected.

At Emerald Cedar we are strong advocates of natural and organic products. Cedar’s environmentally friendly composition which contains absolutely no toxic compounds, ranks it among the top of roofing and siding materials. We take great pride in our work and work closely with all our clients to install the best roof for their short and long term needs.


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