Cedar Roof Repair


Your roof is the primary factor in protecting your home or business from the elements and seasons, day and night. You eat, sleep and live under your roof and expect a constant peace of mind when you walk out your front door. So when your roof begins to develop damage through the natural weathering of time, it’s very important you know what to do.

That’s where we come in…

We can help! Emerald Cedar can offer you the highest quality, time efficient and most affordable repair and maintenance services for your Cedar Roof in the GTA. Our dedicated staff and contractor professionals would love nothing more than to strap on their boots and come running, assuring you Emerald Cedar Roofs remain timeless. Even after the general wear and tear that comes with any home.

Here’s What We Offer:

Regardless of if you are dealing with a small portion of broken shingles or a large amount of architectural damage, Emerald Cedar has the tools, skills and experience to complete your repair timely and efficiently. We value your roof equally with you and your home. It is important to us that no matter the size of the project, you know we will get the job done.

As an established and leading business in this industry, we have no doubt in our minds that when we saddle our tools after servicing your roof… you will be satisfied guaranteed! Call us for a free repair consultation today or fill out the form below.


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