Why choose a cedar shake or cedar shingle roof?

Installing a new roof can be an expensive affair. You want the structure to provide value for money and last for a very long time. The strength and durability of the roof depends on the quality of roofing materials, which is why you need to research your options and consider the advantages of the material carefully. Here are some reasons why cedar shake or shingle is a good option for you:

1. Resilient

Cedar is one of the most naturally resilient building materials in the world and if it’s maintained well, it can last for decades. Cedar has a number of natural chemical properties that make it resistant to moisture, moss, insects and pests, and the sun’s UV rays. The shingles and shakes are also treated with special agents and solutions to make them fire resistant and protect them from fungus. All of these characteristics make cedar very durable.

2. Against all weather

Cedar shakes and shingles have the natural ability to tolerate all kinds of weather conditions without experiencing much damage or wear. This roofing material can bear all kinds of weather conditions and that includes snow, rain, storm, and even hail. Cedar shingles are known to recover from the impact of hail and develop an even surface once again. If you maintain the shingles well and make sure they’re sealed, do shouldn’t face any problems due to extreme weather conditions.

3. Insulation

Cedar can help you save some money on your energy bills in the long run because it’s one of the best insulators available today. It will limit the transfer of heat or cold into your property and that means your HVAC system will consume less energy to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. These savings can justify the slightly higher initial investment.

4. Durability

Cedar roofs are very durable and once you install them, you won’t need to replace them for over 20 to 40 years. If you maintain the roof well, you might even be able to extend the life of the shingles. This saves money and effort in the long run because you won’t have to replace your roof as often.

5. Property value

Most prospective home buyers will be impressed by the cedar roof’s distinctive appearance and quality so they’ll be willing to pay more in order to purchase it. Cedar roofs increase the property value by a considerable margin so you’ll recover most of what you spent on installation.

6. Beauty

Cedar roofs look very beautiful and add a distinctive design element to your property. There are a number of color and texture options for you to choose from so you’re sure to find something that fits into the overall design of your property. Cedar is available in golden, red, amber, gray, and brown hues and all of them look rich and vibrant.

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