How to sell a home with a cedar roof

Cedar roofs are pretty eye-catching. They add a distinct character and charm to your home, which can improve its curb appeal and value. However, potential buyers might still express some doubts and concerns about the durability and strength of the cedar roofs. Prospective buyers will ask questions to understand why they should pay more for a cedar roof. At Emerald Cedar Contracting, we recommend you take the steps mentioned below to make your home appealing to the buyers.

Make Sure your Cedar Roof is in Excellent Condition

Before you invite a prospective buyer to inspect your home, you should clean, repair, or replace your cedar roof. It should be in a presentable condition and function well in order to build buyer confidence. You should have your roof inspected by a professional to ensure it’s in good condition.

A professional inspection will help identify any signs of damage like cracks and excessive curling. You can fix the problem by replacing a few shingles and cleaning the rest. Your roof will look pretty and convince the buyer to make the purchase.

Cedar roofs are likely to last twice as long as any other roofs if they’re maintained well so it’s a good idea to engage in a bi-annual maintenance contract. This contract will help you keep the roof in good shape in and presentable condition at all times.

Explain the Benefits of Cedar Roofs

Most potential buyers will be wary of a cedar roof because they don’t have experience with the material and don’t understand why they should invest in it. You should explain the benefits of the roof and showcase it in the best possible light. Here are some of the biggest benefits of cedar roofs:

  • This roof lasts at least 10 years longer than most common roofing materials.

  • The material is relatively eco-friendly.

  • Cedar is resistant to rain, hail, strong wind, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

  • You can save energy costs if you install cedar roofs because they provide better insulation and protection from the elements.

  • Few roofing options look as attractive and dignified as cedar.

Most cedar roofs will come with transferable warranty certifications and paperwork. Be sure to preserve them and show them to prospective buyers.

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